Kasabov Takes Card Poker Players His Thought Process From The First Ring Circuit Final Table

Action: Hamid Izadi moved to 100,000 from the middle position and Boris Kasabov was called from the late position. The player in the small blind also comes in and there are three hands on the flop with all three players checking. The small blind checked the turn and Izadi bet 160,000. Kasabov called and the small curtains were folded. Izadi checked on the river and Kasabov bet 360,000. Izadi called.

Steve Schult: A lot of people strategize around that three-handed preflop bet in cash games. Is it a good candidate for three bets in a tournament or is it usually played as a call?

Boris Kasabov: The triple bet is an option. There are so many factors that go into this particular hand. I just chose flat. Some of them are how I understand my opponents and their ability to pay me off if I hit or fold when attacked. Everything was on my side and I wanted to give him the opportunity to make mistakes.

SS: The blind boy also followed and you three failed. They both check for you and you don’t fail, but you have overcards and a decent amount of backdoor equity. Have you ever stabbed this failure?

BK: Halo69 I thought about it, but obviously not. I don’t want to get in trouble and it’s okay to turn the corner. Like you said, there were so many great cards for me that I decided to check them out.

SS: Does the presence of the small blind affect how often you bet the flop? If you were interested, would you bet this flop more often?

BK: Yes. If I go up, I will definitely get stabbed.

SS: You reversed an open straight draw and the raiser’s original bet was 160,000. What did you think of making that bet? What range did you start with?

BK: Going to an overcard and filling the draw, I gave him a pretty strong hand. It’s not a bluff for me. He sounded pretty strong like he was trying to get a score.

I haven’t made my hands yet and I think he’s strong enough, so I decided to follow and go to the river.

SS: When you say “strong enough”, what type of hand are you talking about?

BK: At least QJ or AJ. He can also own a set that he drops. I think if he had an A-10 hand or any other 10-X hand, he would probably bet the flop. So I don’t think he’s breathing. I think he has strong hands.

SS: You have river beans and he’s watching you. He has 540,000 chips left and you bet 360,000. How did you get that size?

BK: I remember thinking he was quite complicated and quite solid, but he was also careful and didn’t overdo it. It’s a little weird that he checked it. I had a feeling he wasn’t just going to lie down and leave the jar to me, so I tried to make it look like I was trying to buy one. I have a stack of big chips and I bet on it. As it is an overcard, I especially wanted to test it. I was so surprised he just called with a second bean.

SS: Looking back, since he still had a bet-sized pot left, would you have liked to move on?

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